21 June, 2011


Lisle Austin, acting ex-commissioner of CONCACAF, has dug up some fun reading for you on the Caribbean Football Union's website.

According to the site, FIFA has no jurisdiction in telling him that he can't be President of CONCACAF and rather since it's an American conspiracy to get him out, it is between him and CONCACAF rather than CONCACAF and FIFA. Caught all that? Basically, it says because CONCACAF is registered in the Caribbean and not in NY where it's HQ is, then Bahamian law takes precedence and then therefor, he was right in firing Blazer and assuming Warner's position.

Now the funny thing is, he is only firing Blazer because he feels that Blazer got his buddy in trouble and could therefore get him fired. Warner, for his part, retired and because FIFA is only allowed to investigate FIFA members, and Warner is no longer a member, he can't be investigated (but you wouldn't figure that from what Warner is saying in T&T).

Either way, Warner will be a witness for FIFA in their charges against bin Hammam as he refuses to step down from FIFA as Warner did.

All of this smacks of a way that if Warner somehow brings down bin Hammam, he'll find some cushy job in Switzerland out of the roving eyes of good honest people and from where he can still get his graft on. Regardless, I'm not sure how this will all come down as I would figure that the CONCACAF bank accounts are in the Bahamas, along with many tax dodgers (what? I am throwing them in with criminals?) and their offices in NY, someone better deal with this quickly as it's only a matter of time before Austin puts a hold on their assets as "acting President".

In the mean time, it's still all a us v. them, Caribbean v. big bad North America, black v. white, David v. Goliath right now. Seeing where this is going. In the end, Warner will have some kind of kick back, bin Hammam will be out while saving face for the AFC and Lisle Austin, well, he's going to teleport up to that mothership of his and fly back to where ever he came from with his efforts. If anything else, Bahamas should always remember that FIFA has priority over FIFA. Just ask Nigeria.

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