09 June, 2011

Five Mexican Players Test Positive

Yahoo Sports is reporting that 5 Mexican players on their Gold Cup squad tested positive for clenbuterol. The positive test means they have to be dropped from the squad.

Of those involved, goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa is the most notable with defenders Edgar Duenas and Francisco Rodriguez and mids Christian Bermudez and Antonio Naelson also implicated. They are blaming "tainted beef bought in the US" for the positive test and are citing similar positive tests blamed on tainted chickens by Tour de France cyclist Contador from last year.

Yeah, because, if anything, we like to give our cattle asthma medicine to bulk them up here. Now, synthetic growth hormone, maybe, Clenbuterol, no. You may also remember the name Kirk Randomski who, around the time of the Barry Bonds incidents, admitted to distributing this slimming drug that has similar effects to ephidrine (think speed).

Do you hear that? That's the sound of Mexico's title hopes just getting downed a notch.

Photo: clenbuterol-king

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