08 June, 2011

Gold Cup: Canada v US Highlights

Dempsey scores a sweet one and Jozy squeeks one past the keeper in this 2-0 win for the US.

Now with Spanish announcers!

Or if you prefer horrible US announcers, try this link... the only thing missing? "Boom goes the dynamite".

Video: Concacaf Gold Cup


  1. Sweet ball by Landon on Jozy's goal, and Jozy did his job to shield the ball from the defender with his body. Lousy finish but it got the job done. On the second goal, give Jozy credit for the ball across the face of the goal. Agudelo could have put it in, but since he didn't, I'm glad Dempsey beat the defender on the far post and scored from the sharp angle. Quality finish from Deuce.

    That being said, I don't have FSC and couldn't see the game. Was Ream terrible agan? How about Goodson? I'm liking Gooch and Goodson to start the knockout round games that actually count. Good idea to rest Gooch in the group play games and evaluate Ream and Goodson. However, if Ream plays against good teams like Mexico or Costa Rica, Chicharito or Saborio will eat him alive.

    I am really starting to like Jozy and Agudelo as our forwards if Charlie Davies isn't on the squad. I watched him play in a DC United/LA Galaxy MLS game, 0-0 tie but Davies looked good.

  2. You have to listen to the American commentary on the link. Wow that's bad. A highlight: "Jozy loves scoring like a fat kid likes cake!" For real? Amateur night at the Apollo here . . . like the movie Evil Dead 3, so stupid it's funny . . .


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