03 June, 2011

The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Been a sleepy morning, trying to finish up a final week of teaching, but here you go with some great news.

Brad Friedel.

Wait, oh, um, Brad Friedel + Tottenham = You know you love some Spurs now

Yeah, Tottenham still has issues keeping Gomez from messing up a game they are winning. Actually, he, personally, has cost them 9 points in the standings this year alone on Robert Green type moves. So what is a team supposed to do to fix that when there aren't many top level keepers hanging around without paying through the nose? Why, raid Aston Villa of course.

As the current EPL consecutive game game appearances at 275 matches and counting, Friedel has a career that spanned the last three with Aston Villa, eight years at Blackburn, with time also at Liverpool, Bronby, Turkey's Galatasaray, and some team called the Columbus Crew. Must be some upstart team.

What does this mean for Spurs? Well for one, they can dump Cuducini. He was never a 1st teamer, or a backup. And Gomes? Well, the guy's problem is he is always too erratic. He can go weeks playing out of his mind, then just fumble out of no where. Bye Bye Gomes. Time for Spurs to let you go too. This would open up the door to bring in someone young and experienced, or possibly call up players like Ben Alnwick who has been bouncing around Doncaster and Leeds in the past season on loan after coming to Spurs from Sunderland where he made his Championship debut at 18yo back in 2005.

The deal is a 2yr contract.

Photo: Guardian

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