07 June, 2011

Martin Jol and Fulham

The brother of Cock and Dick Jol (seriously, you can't make that up) is finally the new manager at Ful Took nearly a year for it to happen, but early today, Martin returned to the EPL when he signed a 2 yr contract to take over for the Cottagers.

Martin's last stint with the EPL didn't go so well at Tottenham. Amazing what a little time away will do for your aura. As you remember, despite holding Tottenham in the top 5 for a season or two after his inaugural season in 9th, Jol came back in his last season with Spurs (2007) and drug them to the near bottom of the table before being sacked and Juande Ramos being brought in.

So what has Martin done since then? Well, he tried to jump contract early last season from Ajax (good thing he didn't since they won the league this year), and they placed 3rd the season before. At least it looks like Martin knows what he's doing, and how to argue with management, so on paper, he looks like a great fit for a team with a Michael Jackson statue out front of their park.

We here at TSI just hope he doesn't manage to screw up Dempsey's career as we still really don't have a guy that can play great club ball but never really does well for his national team when he plays more than 75mins for us.

Photo: Ajax

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