29 June, 2011

One Year and Counting

It's been a year since our first post about the penalty kick during the World Cup in South Africa. So it got us thinking, what have been some of the "Best Of's" in the past year?

While one could argue that the dos Santos goal from the 2011 Gold Cup final was pretty sweet, as was the Canadian backup keeper's half field free kick that bounced into goal, we are going to have to go with:

D2 Greece, yeah, I said it. PAS Gianna has two players to combine for one sweet goal and setup.

2nd place was Altintop's goal in Euro qualifying. Yes, it won a lot of awards from last year, but damn if that isn't a pimp goal.

Fouls you want? It was an accident and Mavinga was very sorry. Carcela suffered a broken nose and jaw, and lost some teeth. Game ended in a 1-1 draw on the last game of the season which gave Genk the first place trophy.

Worst Miss? How about Fahad Khalfan of Qatar vs Uzbekistan - November 16, 2010. Qatar ended up getting ousted from the rd of 16 in the Asian Games because of this. Can't wait to see the poor play we can look forward to in 2022...

Best Save. Steklenburg on Kaka's shot during the WC 2010 quarterfinals.

MVP of the Year. It pains me to say it, but Cristian Ronaldo getting the La Liga record setting 28 goals for the 2010-2011 season. Check out all of them.

Best Quote? Well, it is Ian Halloway, and it's on Soccer AM so I'll count it, only need 1min to get to the quote, but there are ones all through this interview of note. It's a lot dirtier sounding than it really is.
"Ian, looking at your picture, I don't see any Cock." "Well it's the angle of the picture".

Most useful article in a drunk argument with French footie fans?
Why France has to rely on it's colonies for players to win a World Cup.

Most useless article we read during the year? (Although it was pretty funny reading)
Weed is abused by 8 out of 10 Fijian soccer players

Craziest Nutbag in FIFA? It's a tossup between Lisle Austin, Jack Warner, bin Hammam... well, pretty much everyone "running" FIFA is a nutbag.

So the question then is, what is it we should be watching for this next year?

Video: MrAngelos,giostick, skarhem95, Ilovemanutd94, kasoy1, prestoga99, socceramclassics,

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