28 June, 2011

Women's World Cup: North Korea v US Highlights

Rapinoe was sat in favor of Cheney to start the match for the US and Cheney repaid the confidence with the first goal of the match, early in the 2nd half. Rampinoe came on late off the bench and had a 50/50 goal called back because the keeper had her fingers on it. A disappointingly unfavorable call, but one that is understandable.

Our prediction was a close 2-1 match. In the first half, it looked to be one, with the US unable to break down the youngest squad in the WWC with an average age of 20. Apparently, the loss is easily explained. A lightning strike which no one knew about during training hit "the [starting] goalkeeper and the four defenders". Good to know that their coach is smart enough to explain away a loss to Dear Leader. Wonder what's next. Food poisoning? How about temporary blindness from the direct telepathic communication from Dear Leader during the game. Seriously, you can't make this stuff up. Either way, US walks away 2-0 winners behind a hugely dominating second half with goals from Cheney and defender Buehler.

Video: Goalsarenagermany

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