28 July, 2011

Best Day Ever

If you have kids, you know the Spongebob song, "It's the Best Day Ever..."

And so it is.

What was yours? Finding a $50 bill on the street? Getting into a certain school? Getting a date with that one hot girl you never thought you could?

Well, perhaps it is today.


Bob Bradley was fired. (See article below where we called on the USSF for the umpteenth time to fire his sorry ass).

After five years of mediocrity and less than a year after we gave the guy a contract extension, Gulati and the USSF have terminated the contract of Bob "Skeletor" Bradley. Your Olympic Men's Soccer team can breath a sigh of relief now.

The USMNT went 43-25-12 during Skeletor Bradley's reign of terror. Dismal friendly results as well as losses to Panama (1st loss in 35 meetings) among others sealed his fate.

So, who is on the horizon? We've all beat that bush 100 times over with the likes of Klinsmann and others mentioned. I'll throw out one that will probably never happen: Bora Mulitinovic rd. 2. He's usually only around for 1 WC cycle, does wonders with less than adequate squads, has taken new teams to 5 straight WCs, and right now, what big name/big time coach is available that we could all agree on?

Any which way, we have time on our side as most of the big name coaches are already snapped up at the club level and the next USMNT friendly isn't until August 10th, against Mexico.

Reportedly, the USSF will have a further announcement on Friday. Being a team that doesn't just sit on their hands, this is probably the unveiling of a new coach. We'll see.

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  1. Can't imagine the USSF letting Bradley go before they had a better coach already lined up. Today is Friday so they will announce who it is. Who do you think it will be? I would love Bora Milutinovic. Jurgen Klinsmann is available but wants to oversee the entire program, which sounds good to me. Carlos Alberto Parreira is free, having last coached South Africa to make sure they represented well as World Cup hosts after struggling in 2010. Mario Zagallo is also free, in fact, so is Dunga!


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