18 July, 2011

Brazil Out of Copa

Wow, just when I thought that a good team couldn't find a way to miss 3 pks (granted 2 were okay and saved), along comes Brazil and they find a way to shank 4.

In their defense, one did look like the pitch under the ball was torn up and the ball floated after he planted his foot, but regardless. Brazil is out of Copa in the quarters to Paraguay.

Perhaps the Brazilians wanted to see that Larissa Riquelme naked too. Honestly, from my understanding, they could have won and still seen that, but regardless, Paraguay moves on, 2-0.

Video: Crashbangboom


  1. Uruguay also eliminated host Argentina in penalty kicks. Fernando Muslera was a stud throughout the match, stuffing Messi point blank to save the match. Uruguay won the shootout 5-4, with the only "miss" (actually saved by Muslera) coming from El Apache Tevez. FYI Muslera plays for Galatasaray.

  2. That was a real shocker, but clearly it was because of the mud under the ball. The Paraguayans went for the safety option of shooting it straight down the middle, while the brazilians didn't learn from each others' mistake and just kept sending it wide.

  3. Also the intimidation factor of Muslera when he's on fire. He was awesome against Argentina so you figure Brasil really tried to place their kicks.


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