23 July, 2011

Jack Warner Caught Again

Well, how can it be he got caught when he already "resigned" from his position with FIFA you ask? Simple, when he denied everything and then somehow coerced two of his employees that were present and implicated by association, he thought he was in the clear and everyone in the public wondered how he could ever be possibly proven wrong if FIFA has no jurisdiction over someone no longer in FIFA. Then...

The CFU (Caribbean Football Union) General Secretary came forth with a 2 page affidavit that says (summed up) that she was ordered by Jack Warner to collect a locked bag from his office containing wrapped small "gifts" to be distributed to each visiting CFU member on the day in question. She then asked the two soon to be implicated employees to go with Jack to distribute the gifts. When she met with those two employees the next day, they told her it was cash.

Ooops. Looks like Jack really isn't going to make that "exonerated" return to FIFA after all.

There is a great break down summary of the leaked letter from the BBC that is well worth the read.

As an aside, Warner stated that FIFA would have his complete cooperation in the bin Hammad investigation and that bin Hammam "would defend himself completely". Warner refused to make the trip while bin Hammam made it but refused to attend because "FIFA already found him guilty without hearing his side". Rumor has it that he is waiting for the FIFA live video stream of the guilty verdict later today to publicly start to defend himself, yet again.

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