16 July, 2011

North Korea Caught Doping Players

So remember that whole "We had a keeper and 4 starting defenders who were struck by lightning, so that's why we lost to the US"? Turns out, that after a random post game drug test, FIFA turned up positive steriods use results on two players and then subjected the rest of the team to testing, as they quickly left the country to return home.

And the results please....

Five players have tested positive.

And the excuse?

They were using an ancient Chinese herbal medicine from the musk gland of a deer for treatment of said lightning strike.

Well, at least if they are going to lie, they are sticking to the story. I remember letting out a pet hamster we had once and it bit me. I let it get away but told my mom an alligator bit my finger then ate the hamster. She didn't believe it, but it all fit lock step with the story. Sounds like the North Koreans are doing the same.

Hey, maybe Dear Leader can use some of his psychic powers and wipe the brains of some of the senior FIFA ExCo and make this whole incident go away? Well, here's hoping at least.

Photo: Walt Disney

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