21 July, 2011

Paraguay Makes Copa Finals without a Win

Say wha?

Yeah, I didn't believe it either until I went back to look at the stats. They scored 5 and had 5 goals against for 3 draws in the group stage. They moved on as the 2nd best of 3 3rd place teams. In the first knockout round, they drew Brazil in regulation, and won 2-0 on penalties. In the latest round, they beat Venezuela 5-3 on penalties after taking them to extra time 0-0.

That means, for the final, it's Paraguay vs. Uruguay. If Forlan or Suarez can score for Uruguay, then it might be over. If not, I'd be afraid to be Uruguay... or any breathing Paraguayan for that matter because they are about to unleash Larissa Riquelme and her 3rd rd of 15 seconds of fame onto the world with her promise of a naked streaking through the streets.

Oh, and in case you wanted highlights from Paraguay's pk win over Venezuela:

Video: tvtudo6

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