03 July, 2011

Women's World Cup: Colombia v USWNT Highlights

Just miles from Heidelburg and a US base, the USWNT looked to move on to the second round of the World Cup. Colombia had the difficult task of minimizing the attack of the US and trying to hold on for a draw or keep it close like they did with a strong Swedish team. The US attacked early and often, with nearly double the shots and a majority of the possession. An early deflected shot from the US' forward Rodriguez resulted in some bandaging of the Colombia keepers hand and debatably, this may have affected her ability to handle the ball, which was most notable for the 3rd goal by the US which deflected off her hands from distance and careened into the goal. O'reilly opens the scoring with Rapinoe scoring again off the bench and Lloyd capping off the route by the 57th minute.

There is a replay of the game available here on ESPN3.

Video: Brasilierotv2011

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