09 July, 2011

Women's World Cup: England v France Highlights

I caught the first half of this match on the tv at the gym. Honestly, I thought it would be a blowout win for France. Every time they had possession, they would take it right at the English and take a shot. Then I remembered an old saying by some idiot savant, "the team that scores the most goals wins". That was nearly the problem for France. Despite outshooting England 33 to 7 and doubling up on set pieces, the French held only a modest majority of possession 51:49. England struck first with a 59' goal from Jill Scott to open the scoring, and France needed a last minute goal from Bussaglia just to take it to extra time.

No one scored in regulation, and in penalties, France pulled it out. England's Camille Abily's shot was stopped by Bardsley. England then sent a limping Kelly Smith to the spot where she put it home. In the end, Claire Rafferty knocked her's wide and White clipped the crossbar to seal the fate of England. Great match.

Video: Footytube

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