23 August, 2011

Eto'o Becomes Highest Paid Player

Yeah, this is like the idiot that bid up oil over $100 a barrel a few years back so he could say he was the one who did it first. You remember his name? We don't either. So Man City drops mad cash on players like they were NCAA football players at a strip joint and now Russian club Anzhi Makhachkala decides to sign Eto'o on a 3yr contract paying him ~$29mil/season. You read that right, ~$29mil a season.

This is straight up ridiculous. He's good, but not that good. And with the Russian league constantly talking about contraction because many of the teams can't even pay their players, this team comes out of nowhere to pay that kind of money?

As a comparison, CR7 makes $17.4mil/season and Messi makes in the range of $15.5mil/season.

The best part is that Anzhi doesn't even train in their home town because of separatist violence. The players live and train in Moscow and just fly to their "home" stadium 15 times a year for home games. Must be nice when your owner is the 118th richest person in the world.

And not trying to sound bitter, but no one is that good that they deserve to make that much money playing a game. Especially for a team that doesn't operate in the same town it claims to represent.

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