17 August, 2011


Eddie... ever since you went to Fulham, your career has been in tailspin. You fail to make a significant impact in the EPL outside of preseason matches, so you move to Greece. You fail to make an impact in Greece, so you come home. Apparently, you make an impact with some random woman at a Holiday Inn and your wife makes an impact on your car...

And now...

You're back. In MLS. Allocated by MLS to the (un)lucky team to pick you up out of the scrap pile. By the way, you better come back big if you want to see yourself wearing the Red/White/Blue again before retirement.

8/18- And apparently, you aren't even good enough for MLS... or you don't like the salary... or whatever. Either way, I agree with the guys over at Matchfit that just because you played overseas doesn't mean you should be able to come back here with your tail between your legs and get max salary... oh wait, that was Adu...

Photo: cardiff news

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