12 August, 2011

Keano to Galaxy

Man, talk about a surprise move... Talk late tonight was how were Spurs going to offload one of their many fringe strikers then this blindsides me... Keano is supposedly in talks with LA Galaxy of MLS for a 2yr $9mil contract. Damn.

This would truly be an impressive move by the Galaxy. They have Landycakes and Goldenballs, now Keano? That may seem farfetched, but that would truly put the Galaxy up there as contenders for the title. The guy seems to have scoring issues only while at Spurs as he frequently scores for country and was tearing up Scotland on loan last season.


Photo: oleole

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  1. It is final. Robbie Keane is now with the LA Galaxy. Too many cooks in that kitchen. Screw the Galaxy and Red Bulls getting all the best DP's. Go Seattle Sounders.


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