10 August, 2011

Mexico v US Friendly Preview

So tonight the US begins yet another new era as Klinsi's boys take on Mexico in Philly at 8pm CST tonight (also on ESPN2/3 and Univision). While I always want to see a win at home against Mexico, this isn't about the win, but rather about who steps up. I expect a nearly full scale turnover in the lineup around halftime by the US, so we should see some playing time from USMNT newcomer Hamid in goal as well as the handful of US players plying their trade in Mexico currently.

What we'll probably see to start: (4-2-3-1)
'Dolo Ream Bocanegra Pearce

Jones Torres

Donovan Bradley Beasely


Now the reason for the hodgepodge is to actually mix some of the veterans in with the newcomers so that we don't have a completely new lineup of fresh meat. Bradley will get the nod at CM because that's a more natural role for him and I expect Klinsmann to give him the nod to show no ill will. At half, I expect Rogers, Adu, Buddle and Shea to come in regardless and the back line to be filled as needed. If that happens, expect Mexico to try to exploit the weaknesses mostly through the right side.

I fully expect a 2-1 loss for the US, but a draw or win would be seen as good tidings.

Video: ESPN

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