19 August, 2011

A New Season

Soccer is back on hurrah!

Um, strike that (again, pun intended).

Seems Spanish 1st/2nd division players are locking themselves out until some nearly 200 players are paid back pay, among other things.

And that's not the only league with issues.

Italy has seen most of their owners not attend a required meeting this weekend to address the issue between teams/owners wherein the players no longer desired by a team can no longer practice with their team and are required to accept a transfer. That seems pretty fair (sarcasm).

With all the issues going on, makes you wonder what there is to watch this weekend other than EPL? Well, there is the MLS, and I hear Argentina is expanding their first division after this year to create a 1st division with some 30+ teams in it (that should make for some exciting football, well no not really when almost everyone gets promoted).

Well, time to go check in on Greek football. Wait, they were postponed for 2 weeks because of corruption investigations? Wth?

It's going to be a long season.

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