16 August, 2011

Now DPing for less

Just sounds like a bad title, but regardless, this is a huge move for MLS. It shows that we are willing to become a feeder league for teams, it'll drive up player quality, and hopefully we'll see an improvement at the club level.

What is it I'm talking about?

MLS has announced they are dropping the DP costs to clubs into age brackets.
Beginning in 2012, teams can acquire Designated Players based overseas who are 20 years of age or younger for a budget charge of only $150,000, while Designated Players between the ages of 21 and 23 will count just $200,000 against a team’s salary budget. Current DPs represent a $335,000 hit to a club’s player budget of $2,675,000, regardless of their age.
Huge. Teams like FC Dallas are rewarded for having signed Colombian U20 player Fabian Castillo, but it also allows some of the MLS teams to start mining South America for some talent.

It can have a negative connotation as well. Does this mean we are going to see more MLS expansion? Does this also mean that we know the limits of our own national development with NCAA soccer? Interesting times.

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