03 August, 2011

Spector to Birmingham City

After his release from West Ham at the end of last season, several followers of the future of the USMNT wondered what was happening. Gooch was in limbo at Milan (although later made his way to Porto), Bocanegra was on his last legs, and most of the rest of the back line for the US was playing in MLS where hacking seems to take precedence over finesse.

Now, another piece has fallen into place. Jonathan Spector has landed with England Championship's Birmingham City on a 2yr contract. The fact that he played some time at left back as well as his more natural position at right back aside, his versatility should prove helpful and he should see more playing time than he did with West Ham.

At 25yo, he still has youth on his side and with a few more seasons of 1st team experience under his belt, he should turn out to be the strong right back we expected him to be.

Photo: 1000goals

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  1. Actually, Eric Lichaj has turned out to be the right back that we all wanted Jonathan Spector to be. But, if Spector gets minutes at left back, our weakest position, then this is a good move for the USMNT.


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