04 August, 2011

US Roster v Mexico Announced

For the US v Mexico match coming up next week, Klinsi has announced the players called up:

Goalkeepers: Bill Hamid, Tim Howard

Defenders: Carlos Bocanegra, Edgar Castillo, Timothy Chandler, Steve Cherundolo, Clarence Goodson, Michael Orozco, Heath Pearce, Tim Ream

Midfielders: Freddy Adu, Kyle Beckerman, DaMarcus Beasley, Michael Bradley, Ricardo Clark, Landon Donovan, Maurice Edu, Jermaine Jones, Break Shea, Jose Torres

Forwards: Juan Agudelo, Edson Buddle

Not quite sure I like the limited looks up top with two forwards, and that would hint to us running a 4-2-3-1, which I am not opposed to but... this'll be interesting and we did call up some new youth like Hamid.

Freddy finally got his twitter/calls returned by the USSF after a good showing in his few games back. Gooch is getting time in Porto to bond with his new team, so his absence is excused. No Dempsey callup either which would have been nice to see.

I'm expecting to see the midfield looking like Run DMB on the left, Clark and Edu (Jones) in a holding position, Bradley/Adu floating behind the lone forward and Donovan on the right wing. While I am not surprised by the slightly more defensive look, but I would have liked a few more strikers called in like Charlie, but it does look like we are going for more speed up top and in the midfield rather than the big hulks we had like Ching, Cooper and noticeably absent is Altidore...

Photo: USSF


  1. Old Coach says:
    I was surprised (but pleasantly) to see BB fired and Kleensman hired. Now I have my doubts. Why bring back proven losers and incompitents like Clark and Ream, or inconsequential borderliners like DMB or Beckerman (& ? Buddle) along with likely too old for World Cup 2014 players? Why leave out our future like Lichaj, Altidore, Charlie D etc. If he wants to beat Mexico, shouldn't Dempsy be in there? Either JK is a poor judge of talent or he knows a secret or two that fans don't or he thinks he can coach talent out of subpar players more than BB could. Please, Lord let me be wrong!
    By the way: great call one day before the firing!

  2. Old Coach:
    I forgot to specifically include Heath Pearce with the losers first time around so I will repeat myself. Please JK, No Heath Pearce.

  3. I wish I could take the credit. Thanks though. It was way overdue. I think the lack of a few callups is due to the fact that some of the players are still picked at the suggestion of USSF, so we see players always coming out of MLS, regardless of better players being available. Others may have prior commitments or are looking to start up with their new teams like Gooch. I think Jones will be on the pitch until he retires because he switched over to the USMNT from Germany and we want to "invite" other possible US nationals to do the same by showing we'll give them a chance. That could be just me though. I do think we will see a few more players called up over the next couple friendlies this year, so I'm not worried yet. I'll give him a few to settle in before I second guess him, but even Germany has to admit they didn't give him enough credit for the NT and what he did.

  4. Erase any doubts for now. Klinsmann has only had 8 days to prepare. I wouldn't look too far into this lineup. The result is irrelevant. This is the perfect time to see if players like Orozco (who at one point had promise but looked horrible in his prior USMNT games), Pearce, Buddle, Ream, Clark, Beckerman, and particularly Adu have any place in the future. He has to evaluate the fringe players before WCQ comes around. So this roster makes sense. EPL/Europe is in the preseason and it doesn't make sense to bring Dempsey. Only thing is that I'd like to see Guzan play, but that's not a big deal. What's better is at least he knows who these players are. His awareness of who the fringe players are means he's been paying attention. Also to bring in Chandler to see what he's about and keep him capped is important.

    If you have a chance, see if you can find the video of the press conference introducing JK as coach. He came off as extremely intelligent and motivated. His answers to some tough questions were perfect and quite sincere. I felt really good about him as coach after watching it. He was thoughtful and contemplative. If you cannot find it on the US Soccer website I'll try to find the link. It's worth a watch.

    Finally, it bears to mention that Tris and I saw Klinsmann coach in Germany during the 2006 WC. Expectations were actually low. He brought in a ton of young players that are now the core of the German national team, displaying an eye for talent and an ability to deflect pressure from an intense media. What generally remains to be seen is his his overall ability as a tactician. But can he really be worse in this area that an American coach? No. Good luck to him, and frankly, I'm excited to see what he can do.

  5. Here is the link to the presser:

  6. With this lineup, we are fairly sure to get our first look at the 4-2-3-1 (aka 4-3-3, same thing) and look for Brek Shea to get the start at wing forward. He has been on a huge goal scoring tear with FC Dallas for this entire MLS season.


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