06 September, 2011

Bob Bradley at Santos Laguna

While nothing official has been stated, some Santos Laguna fan has jumped the gun on Wikipedia and announced him as the new head coach. Other fans on their club site state that this is the beginning of an effort to improve Santos, including a future move to "lure" Landon Donovan to Mexico after the end of the current MLS season.

Yeah, I laughed at that one too. The only move that might happen is the Bradley one as he was there yesterday touring the facilities. No word has been posted on Santos' site, but the general idea is that they would announce it after the upcoming match Saturday vs Guadalajara.

We'll know more after Egypt announces tomorrow that they won't be going with Bradley. A move to Mexico for $1mil would explain his demands of Egypt.

Hey Bob, if both fall through (because a coach lasts a really short time in Mexico if they aren't winning), I hear Roy Keane didn't make the interview to take over for Iceland @ $400K/yr. You could be coaching in Europe for a country coming out of bankruptcy and with a population under 400,000 to draw from. Take that USMNT!

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