09 September, 2011

Bob Bradley Is Not Next Santos Laguna Coach

Well, not the biggest surprise out there (possibly instead that going to the Egyptian Football Federation for meeting 48hrs ago to announce a new head coach only to not do so...) but Bob Bradley was passed over as the next possible head coach for Santos Laguna.

While Bradley has had a stellar career as a club coach, his NT head coach position for the US made his possibility of hiring a little more expensive and did lend some cache to the club, which I'm sure didn't mind the attention.

Instead, the position goes to former Santos player and previous coach (in 2006) Benjamin Galindo. Perhaps it was the fact that Bradley doesn't speak Spanish, or the fact that many Mexican-American players didn't see the light of the pitch under his tenure. Either way, he's now got a battle on his hands as the EFF has brought in former Ghanaian NT and recent Qatar NT coach Milovan Rajevac to interview in recent days.

Honestly, I don't think Bradley is going to get the Egypt job either because who in their right mind asks for a $400K raise after they were fired from their previous job? And It doesn't help that Rajevac comes much cheaper. Again, I'll throw this out there... Iceland still doesn't have an NT coach year. It's only about $400K/yr but you get Euro qualification Bradley. Of course, don't wait too long or Sven Goran might pimp himself for the job.

Photo: USSF

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