02 September, 2011

Costa Rica v USMNT Preview

In case you'd forgotten, the USMNT takes on Costa Rica tonight at 10pm CST on ESPN2 and ESPN3. I'm sure there will also be video available for you on should you not be lucky enough to be near a tv or have access to ESPN3 (because some cable companies are stingy on video).

In a departure from Skeletor Bradley (who may or may not be announced tomorrow morning as the new Egypt NT coach), Klinsmann will be telling the US to actually get creative, get excited and if they mess up, to get back and win the ball. Bradley, whether verbally or otherwise, instilled fear in the US that the idea of soccer was to not mess up, and frequently you saw the life drain out of team because of that approach.

Contrary to accepted thought, this doesn't mean he wants to see a defender trying to rainbow flick a ball forward from our own 18. That would be suicidal. What he wants to see is that play where we pull something out of a hat, something positive, and try to make a goal happen. I'd give props if anyone here can remember the last time we scored on a bicycle kick (Prof, I'm looking at you to remember this one...) or if anyone has pulled a rabona in NT play for us.

We can fully expect to see another 4-2-3-1 lineup again tonight:


Depending on the score at half, we may get to see Hamid take Howard's place in goal as well as Rogers and Teal take the field. With kickoff an hour away, we'll hopefully get you a post game analysis from the Professor tomorrow and I'll try to tack in some highlights.

Photo: TSI

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  1. Well, wasn't too far off. Klinsi let Beckerman have the night off so he could play for his club, but he'll be on the flight to Belgium. Dempsey showed up but got back spasms after arriving, so he's headed back to England and they expect him to make the Belgium game. Other than that, we went young-ish with Chandler on the right and Orozco pairing up with Bocanegra in the back. Torres started in place of Beckerman.


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