05 September, 2011

Egypt National Soccer Team Coaching Update

The latest update comes via Skysports. Apparently, former Ghanaian and Serbian national Milvan Rajevac, has flown to Cairo to have talks with the Egyptian Football Association (EFA).

Milvan was head coach for Ghana when they beat the US to make it to the quarterfinals of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. He left the Ghana job after refusing a contract extension without a pay raise, and later took over Qatar before being fired from that position last month amid a horrible run of form from a team that really can't be expected to be in the world's top 50 any time soon.

This could be a sign that Bob Bradley has refused to bring his salary demands back into the stratosphere and so Egypt is moving on. There is also some talk that this is a show to tell Bradley to bring down his demands or he's out of the running.

We're one to believe the former as Bob tends to be delusional some times and Egypt has added a coach with Middle Eastern experience to the mix. Either way, we should have word of the new coach on September 7th, Wednesday, when the has said they will announce the new coach.

Photo: EFA

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