28 September, 2011

Holden Out

Having already successfully undergone surgery following the horrific tackle during USMNT duty against the Netherlands, Stuart Holden is set to undergo "follow-up surgery" on his knee according to several news outlets. They describe it as routine and was most likely going to happen in the offseason, but after consultation had it moved up.

At 26yo, Stuart isn't getting any younger, but he had started and gone the distance in a handful of reserve matches for Bolton this year. That said, I've had personal experience with ACL tears, meniscus damage and floating cartilage in my knee and you don't have "routine follow-up surgery" unless a) the original surgeon screwed up, or most likely for pro club surgeons, b) he suffered some additional minor injury and/or tried to come back too early.

Either way, Holden is out of the USMNT picture and Bolton's, for that matter, for another 6 months now as he gets the procedure on his knee and has subsequent rehab. Let's just hope he doesn't turn into another John O'Brien; lots of promise in the midfield, but succumbing to repeated injury that derails his career.

Photo: thetelegraph

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