20 September, 2011

Mattheaus Raus

The Mattheaus experiment is over. After clocking 150+ NT appearances for Germany, several unremarkable club managing stints and a failure with Hungary, Bulgaria has now fired Mattheaus.

Lothar had only 1 win and 2 draws in 5 qualifying matches and has effectively eliminated Bulgaria from the Euro 2012 Tournament. Bulgaria has a pitiful 3W-6L-2D overall under Lothar. During his time in charge, Bulgaria managed to defeat only Cyprus, Wales (both 1-0), and Saudi Arabia 2-0 and had humbling losses to Montenegro, two losses by a combined 7-0 to England and a 1-0 loss to Belarus. Maybe it's just Lothar. At the helm of Hungary, he failed just as miserably, 11W-14L-2D. At this rate, he'll be hired by a Middle Eastern NT in no time.

While Mattheaus had a better record managing clubs (in the standings at least), he has been fired from every coaching job and/or left under bizarre circumstances. Whether some other team takes a flying leap on the mercurial player/coach (we assume later rather than sooner) will be anyone's guess.

Photo: theaustralian

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