29 September, 2011


Early this week, Carlos Tevez warmed up from the sideline waiting to come on for Manchester City in a CL match against Bayern Munich. City was already down 2-0 when coach Roberto Mancini told Tevez to start warming up to come on. The problem is that Tevez warmed up 10mins prior and took it as some kind of offense that he should have to warm up again when he felt he was ready.

Instead, Tevez sat, sulking, like an overpaid Demitar Berbatov, and refused.

Needless to say, Mancini didn't put him on the pitch. The rest is history. City loses 2-0 in an important group stage match, and people start clamoring for Tevez to be sold.

But at this point, who's going to pay his ridiculous wages, let alone take on a player that openly ignores their coach? Yeah, you'll have people say teams like Real Madrid, but they don't take on players that don't listen. They took on the notoriously petty merc, Cristiano "You hate me because I'm so beautiful" Ronaldo, but Tevez won't get that move. Italy? Not likely. They don't pay that much unless you produce and kiss the fans backsides.

Well, there is always that new Russian Chelsea team, Anzhi. They paid way too much for Eto'o and already overpaid on Roberto Carlos. Maybe, but here's the problem with that idea, you need to produce and definitely not talk back. They fired their coach less than 1 month after Eto'o was purchased, and have 1 win in 7 since paying such ridiculous prices.

There is a problem with the Russian League move though. Tevez claims his family hasn't settled in in England. Despite having played in England sine 2006... 2-0-0-6. Now, forgive me if I'm wrong here, but most people, upon moving to a new town, have a favorite restaurant picked out in their first 6 weeks. They have met someone, a new friend, within 6 months. Tevez has Aguero playing on the team with him (they both play for Argentina) and even Aguero said, "Roberto is in charge," when asked about his opinion on the Tevez/Mancini issue.

But, what the hell Tevez? We know you are anti-social. Your face looks like you were taken out back and someone reverse engineered Captain Caveman from your genes. You make more money per game than 99% of the world's soccer players, yet don't start for your club. You think maybe there is a reason for that? Perhaps you ought to man up, work through it so you don't burn bridges at one of the last clubs willing to pay your overpriced salary. Modric is quietly biding his time till he can leave White Heart Lane. Hell, I can't even believe I'm telling you to take a page from his book.

No one will make fun of him for actually being a team player and doing what his coach says. They will, however, make fun of him if he finds himself sold at a steep discount and in the same position 2 years down the road that he was here, and at United, and at West Ham. Seeing a pattern here? All Tevez is done is proven to the pundits that the rich, spoiled brats who get paid huge salaries to play a game while fans have to pay $100+ for one ticket to watch. Thanks Tevez. Thanks for making me actually start to like Man City and Mancini for benching you for the next two weeks. You better net have to train with the reserves during that time or I might have to go buy a Man City jersey.

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