12 October, 2011

Bribery Keeps Giving

FIFA's case against some 15 Caribbean countries began yesterday in the whole bin Hammam/Warner bribery for votes. Caribbean Football Union VP Klass has already been banned for 26mo and slapped on the wrist and been told he was naughty. And by naughty, I mean fined $5000, but when you receive nearly $40,000 in bribes that you never account for, what is $5000?

Regardless, a video by the Telegraph leaked yesterday that has Warner telling people to take the money and do whatever they'd like with it, and if they "are pious, they should go open a church" and "give the money to someone who wants it". Funny, as you can see British Virgin Island president Franka Pinkering laughing and raising her hand, showing her willingness to take the other federations' money if they don't want it.

If this isn't a guilty as hell verdict, then we are just wasting time.

Video: Telegraph

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