14 October, 2011

France v US Friendly Scheduled

Looks like the USMNT is stepping up the competition. While we may not win, it is pitting us against better opposition in an effort to improve. It's also an international friendly day, post MLS and thus the USMNT should be able to bring in a full starting lineup.

That said, November 11th. Stade de Paris, 2pm CST on ESPN 2.

And as a side note, this is actually, a double friendly weekend, which means the US is working on picking up another Euro friendly days later on November 15th (yes I understand the irony of saying weekend when in fact it's 4 days apart).

Those teams available in Europe at the moment for a Nov. 15th match?

Iceland (now with new coach Laagerback)
and Switzerland

all being likely opponents...

Photo: USSoccer

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