11 October, 2011

Friendly: Ecuador v USMNT Highlights

Gooch is back. So is Beasley... Too bad Ream spoils their return with shoddy marking. Jaime Ayovi who scores the lone goal of the game as Ecuador wins yet another against the US... Klinsi is now 1-3-1 to start his US career...

Video: USSoccer


  1. Old Coach: The moment everyone in our household saw Ream at sub line, we all said: There is a goal for Ecuador. Why did not Kleensman know what the whole U.S. knows?
    That said, Gooch looked good; Chandler and Shea are starting material. Danny Williams, prob not. What happened to Edu? Why did he suck so badly? Can 'dulo keep up for 2 more years despite his age? Where is Lichaij? He may be the best future outside back we have. Spector was as bad as I have ever seen him.
    Beckerman looked better than usual, but still not an international center mid. Ditto to some degree, Bradley. Buddle is no answer either. Aguadelo should be a permanent backup to Altidore (and maybe the other way around in a couple years or so). Will Charlie Davies ever get a chance from JK? Why is Beasley even being considered? His peak was years ago. Is Howard doomed to replicate Meola's legacy: great keeper performances in loss after loss?
    Why did Andy Rooney have to retire?

  2. This time I agree with you. Where was Lichaj? We need an extended look at him. But Gooch did look good, this is a good sign. 'Dolo's age is showing, Spector never was very good. In the post game, they suggested that perhaps we may start Dempsey and Donovan at forward. If Shea can play ML and Holden can come back to form and play MR, this is an intriguing thought. But at the least, more looks for Chandler, and Ream is finished.


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