30 November, 2011

Ajax Board Asked to Resign

Well, I guess we were wrong and Ajax is going with nuclear option #3. In a move to end the bickering and feuding that has gone on at Ajax in recent years between Ajax board members and former player legends, Ajax's governing council has asked all 5 board members, including Cruyff, to resign. Any board member that refuses to resign will be voted out, most likely, by shareholders. A resignation by Cruyff would keep him on mostly in a ceremonial role, with his youth program remaining and him making appearances for the club.

While this doesn't bode well for most of the board members, it is incumbent on the governing council to get fans/shareholders to actually vote out living legend Cruyff as well. Should Cruyff stay on, his sour relationship with new coach Van Gaal will only get worse, and become a festering problem for Ajax and future growth of the club.

Photo: Ajax

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