29 November, 2011

Amercan Samoa v Samoa Highlights

Just cause we can... I somehow managed to scrounge up some highlights of that American Samoa v Samoa game for you kiddies.

Also big props to OFC Football for getting this uploaded.


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  2. Samoahacienda, no problem. It's always tough to track down video highlights from some of the lesser followed national teams. I'm just glad we were able to get a hold of this clip, because they are a promising team in the Pacific and their dedication is being rewarded with a great turnaround as a NT.

  3. Have to follow this up with American Samoa's historic win a few days later. But wait, didn't that white guy coaching American Samoa look familiar? Yes, it's Thomas Rongan, former MLS Cup winner with DC United and former US MNT U-20 coach .

    American Samoa historic win over Tonga:

  4. And just saw the article posted earlier with the highlights. Nice work! Wonder what Rongen's getting paid?


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