27 November, 2011

RIP Speed Racer

85 Caps, and current coach of the Welsh NT only belie the fact that at 42, Gary Speed had more to accomplish in life.

Notching 103 goals in 677 matches for club, and another 7 in 85 during NT duty, Gary is survived by his wife and 2 sons.

Another great player lost.

Video: SYZE84

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  1. Holy crap, Gary Speed was still in my EPL fantasy starting eleven as recently as 2003 when he was with Newcastle. He was still playing for Sheffield United in 2010, then became their manager upon retirement before being named manager of Wales. I guess he simply did not know what to do with his life once his playing career ended, despite the promising coaching career.

    Apparently he was on "Football Focus" on BBC-1 in Manchester the day before his death and was reportedly in a good mood, then attended the Newcastle/Man U draw afterwards with his friend Alan Shearer. Nobody ever sees these things coming.

    Too soon, Speedy. Only 42.


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