02 December, 2011

Euro 2012 Draw

Here it is folks:

Group A:
A1 Poland
A2 Greece
A3 Russia
A4 Czech Rep.

Group B:
B1 Netherlands
B2 Denmark
B3 Germany
B4 Portugal

Group C:
C1 Spain
C2 Italy
C3 Republic of Ireland
C4 Croatia

Group D:
D1 Ukraine
D2 Sweden
D3 France
D4 England

Poland leads off the competition with a Group A match v. Greece on June 8th.

By the way, they drag out this draw as long as they can to hear themselves talk... killing me here. The online system told us who was picked a good 10 seconds before the "live" draw which doesn't help rumors that these things are fixed... So, what do you think of the draw? Any favorites?

Personally, Russia lucked out, I think. Group B and C are pretty tough. Germany v Netherlands will be a good one. Spain, is obviously the heavyweight in C. England gets the usual matchup v. France in Group D. This should be another great tourney. Can't wait.

Photo: UEFA


  1. ESPN has already written off Denmark and Ireland... Typical. But those are tough groups for teams that barely qualified.

  2. Group A is a joke. Group B is the group of death. Denmark and Ireland face the toughest roads for sure.


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