30 December, 2011

In Other News, Jack Warner is Corrupt

As if you didn't already know that from the title, Jack Warner is, and always has been corrupt. What makes it funny is that he has recently come out stating that FIFA was selling him rights to World Cup broadcasts for $1.

Ironically, it comes on the heels of the announcement that FIFA will not fight a judgement against them to release names of those accepting kickbacks (since those "stealing" had already paid it back- ha ha).

So why is this news suddenly to the media?
even the Guardian in England

The problem with this "sudden realization" is that it's not new, and hasn't been for a while, but definitely stinks of Warner being implicated in the upcoming release of documents.

So let's flash back to last year...

Player and Referee: Conflicting interests and the 2010 FIFA World Cup by Andrew Jennings was released.

In it you will find some interesting tidbits from page 79:
In return for Warner’s absolute loyalty, Havelange gave him the television rights for the Caribbean region to that year’s World Cup in Italy. The price?One US dollar. Warner immediately resold the rights at an undisclosed proft to local TV companies.
This sweetheart deal ran again in 1994 and 1998 and was revealed in a confidential report produced by FIFA general secretary Michel Zen-Ruffnen on the eve of the 2002 World Cup. Zen-Ruffnen was fired by Blatter soon after.
By 1999 FIFA had handed selling TV rights for 2002 and 2006 to the Swiss marketing company International Sport and Leisure (ISL) who sold them to a Warner rival in Trinidad. Enraged, Warner fired off a letter to Blatter demanding his rights back.
The rival was ousted and Warner again had the TV rights to sell. One of Warner’s positions is as president of the Caribbean Football Union (CFU). In December 2001 the CFU (proprietor: FIFA vice-president J Warner) paid $4, 250, 000 to JD International (proprietors: FIFA vice-president J. Warner and his son Daryan) For the TV rights to 2002 and 2006. Trinidad Football offcial Harold Taylor (employer: FIFA vice-president J Warner) signed on behalf of the CFU. We are not told how much the Warners profted from reselling these rights.
Hmmm, so you are saying a well known someone in the media has been saying the same thing for a while and even published a book with a chapter pretty much dedicated to the topic? Surprising...

And it isn't the only source. Several blogs have been stating as much for years and that this was merely a "thank you" from Blatter for helping him win the election to FIFA president many years ago.

So this this week, there was an announcement that FIFA will release documentation implicating several individuals for kickbacks and bribery.

With Havelange already off the IOC for being outed for accepting the bribes, and several more well known FIFA members having been alluded to, it only figures that Warner's name will appear on the list, hence, this "revelation" by Warner.

By annoucning he got the deal, I'm not sure he'll cause FIFA to come crumbling down around Blatter. Heck, prety much everyone knows Blatter is corrupt and this isn't going to somehow change that.

Take this for what it is, Warner trying to deflect yet another correct attack on his morality and business ethics and know that Warner will be outed as one of the bribe acceptors who "felt the moral obligation to repay any kickbacks which were unintentionally received" while not paying back a dime.


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