23 December, 2011

Road to Mediocrity

Apparently, Eddie Johnson knows this line well. After suddenly bursting onto the scene with the USMNT and and scoring 23 in 25 appearances with the U17 US team (later scoring 7 in his first 6 matches with the full USMNT) and the subsequent signing with Fulham, EJ has, how should we put it? Dropped off a cliff.

EJ failed to score in 18 appearances during the regular season for FFC (he was prolific during preseason, but preseason doesn't count, right Cubs fans?). Fulham then loaned him out to Cardiff City, where he failed to impress, Greece's Aris where he teamed up with Freddy the largest midget in the world Adu, where he failed to impress, then out to Preston North End where his only goal in 16 appearances was actually tallied an own goal to an opponent's header.

Now, he's made the Run DMB move, and is going south of the border to Puebla to try to resurrect what is left of his career, in Mexico.

Now don't feel bad for him. He refused to take a pay cut to come back to MLS like so many others have that failed to make it big in Europe. He's even been able to keep himself in the news occassionally.

At 27, he's not getting any younger, and unless he somehow goes on a scoring tear, we'll never, thankfully, see him called up again.

Harsh? Yeah, but as any fan will tell you, he fails to impress unless the game has no meaning, and even then he's hot and cold.

So it begs the question, when he fails in yet another new country, will he take the pay cut and come back to MLS?

EJ, there is always the Fijian Premier League. I bet you could make a name for yourself there. Then again...


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