15 January, 2011

Special 1 TV (S.2 Ep. 10)

You conveniently forgot to mention who won FIFA Manager of the Decade….. Sorry, lost you Voyeur.

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The Beautiful Game (pt. 25)

Another old school one. Arsenal's Bob Wilson, circa 1967

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14 January, 2011

bin Hammam Shoots Down Winter World Cup

"It is up to Qatar to request that the World Cup be moved." - Sepp Blatter

Hey, Sepp, guess what? The guy who wants your job (no not Warner, the other guy, the head of the Asian Fed) said, "Pbbbbbbttt."

According to the guys over at CaughtOffside, bin Hammam has restated that any effort to move the World Cup to January is "premature, and un-called for."

Sweet. Oh wait, does that mean it'll happen in 127 degree weather?
“We’re not interested. Qatar can stand alone and organise by itself,” he said.
“We are very happy and we are promising the world that we are going to organise an amazing World Cup in June and July,” the Asian Football Confederation president, who is from Qatar, added.
And just when you thought you disliked Iran, their head coach comes out and says that if FIFA makes this a Persian Cup rather than Qatar's World Cup, then we should reopen the bidding because it was unfair to Australia, the US and all the other bidders.

Say wha?!

Honestly, this is either a conspiracy to smooth over the huge hate for picking Qatar over any other less problematic country of epic proportions or I just heard the most sane and intelligent response from a FIFA rep and Iranian coach ever made.

Too bad this guy will never be the head of FIFA (he's got his own skeletons in the closet and he has to somehow knock off Jack Warner). It won't make me feel better about the pick, but at least I feel better about the guy running the show.

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12 January, 2011

A Spector Says What?

Forgot about your boy Jonathan Spector lately didn't you. He's still (somewhere) in the mix with the USMNT although it's been less so lately.

Regardless, if you haven't been watching West Ham lately (and come on, who has?) then you missed the part where West Ham has been playing him as a holding center mid. Oh and he scored on Barnsley and dropped another 2 on Man U in Carling Cup action.

Because he's out of contract this summer, and with West Ham looking to move past him, they've been putting his name out there for a cut rate move during the winter transfer window. No word yet on any takers, but expect him either to move on to another price conscious team (I'm looking at you Blackpool) or to drop down to the Championships. Perhaps even some time in France or Holland might help.

Luckily, he's young (24) and hard working, so any move that get's him regular first team action is good for us.


11 January, 2011

How Bout Some Onyewu Love

So, he's recovered from the horrific knee injury sustained during the WC 2010 campaign. He had been signed by AC Milan, yet has not featured on their first team, despite it's frailties. He's not getting any younger. What's a USMNT player to do these days to get some first team action?

How bout getting a loan to Holland for the remainder of the season?

Goal of 2010

According to FIFA, this is your Greatest Goal of 2010.

And it's a great one too. Now, I don't know what exactly the Kazak keeper was saying to himself there after the goal, but I think it was something about an apology to his mother that that hurt so bad. Damn, you just can't defend that.

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10 January, 2011

Buddle to Ingolstadt FC

It's official. Buddle as well as a Lech Posen forward, Artur Wichniarek were both signed by Ingolstadt FC today.

What was missing from the article was any mention of Freddy Adu. Ooops. Looks like the biggest midget may have been passed up by a team that could possibly be dumped out of Bundesliga 2.

It's hoped that the two signings turn around Ingolstadt's lack of scoring, otherwise, we have yet another USMNT not getting any 1st team action on a European squad.

Photo: Ingolstadt FC

Bradley, Crusher of Olympic Dreams

In case you missed this revelation, and a great article, over at Match Fit USA earlier last week, here's the synopsis:

Bob Bradley feels that he should be the US Olympic Men's Soccer Coach for the 2012 team.

So here are the positives:
1) He gets to see more youth talent without being allowed to play all his regular favorites (whether they are good or bad).
2) He can try out a few new formations.
3) He can get a good look at several players and see where they might fit into the senior squad without really "wasting" qualification games in fitting them into the USMNT.

The downside:

09 January, 2011


On the tail end of the Adu report below, comes word (unconfirmed by Ingolstadt) that Edson Buddle is on his way there to sign with the club.

Now, it isn't too far fetched. Adu and Buddle have the same agent. Adu is there currently "trialling" and Buddle wouldn't need a work permit to play in Germany.

That said, LA and Arena are said to be working on an offer for Buddle for the 2011 season, so whether this is to get Adu hired, or Buddle, or by freak chance both, we can only guess at this point.

Man, next thing you are going to tell me is that Spurs won't sign Beckham cause he sucks.

Wait, what?

Where In The World Is Freddy Adu?

Sounds like a bad sequel to Carmen Sandiego, but I digress.

This time, Bundesliga 2 FC Ingolstadt 04 is taking a run at Adu in trials (and yes, click on the Ingolstadt link, it is in german, but features several writeups by their team about Adu while they are in winter camp in Turkey). Apparently, he trotted out in the 2nd half in a 1-0 win. Not sure how much he contributed, but, heh, at this point, him being able to see a pitch other than on tv has to feel good for the kid. He is also scheduled to play against Offenbach again in a day or so.
"We want him to make an impression on us so we'll be taking a look at him for the next few days," said Ingolstadt head coach Moehlmann.
If Ingolstadt doesn't sound familiar, you'll find it holding up most of the Bundesliga 2 table, in relegation trouble, and home to former IMG Academy and fellow American Amaechi Igwe.

Igwe has yet to feature for the 1st team, but plans change and he may see the pitch soon according to their reports.

Either Ingolstadt is out ideas or they are trying to collect as many Americans that they can enter next season's US Open by considering Adu.

We'll keep you updated on your favorite soap opera that is Freddy.

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