21 January, 2011

He Shoots, He Scores

Buddle. Not a bad way to start your Bundesliga (2.) career. A little cluster by the Duisburg defenders, and Buddle is efficient in his follow through. Good stuff.

While it got Ingolstadt the draw (final was 1-1), the importance was not lost. He scored in his debut, against the 3rd place team (who was in the 1. Bundesliga last season). Unfortunately, Ingolstadt gave up the late goal in the 86th minute so the full 3pts were lost. Either way, it was a good start. Game on Buddle, game on.

FC Ingolstadt - MSV Duisburg , 1-0 goal Buddle
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Your Man of the Match

It was the 2nd leg, and FC United of Manchester (remember them as the Man U hater team) won 4-0 over Retford. Enjoy

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Ouch. With what started out as a good idea, then failed, has now drug down Friedel into bankruptcy proceedings.

Looks like Friedel has declared bankruptcy in UK courts regarding his loss on investments and has even had a lien put against his house here in the states.

While we loved the idea of developing nurturing new talent in the US, bad timing and poor management by his partners ultimately left him holding the short end of the stick.

We hope that players/teams looking to do something similar in the future are not turned off by how this resulted but instead are encouraged by what it did accomplish in a short period of time like having two players on Youth US Men's teams (and did so outside the USSF run Brandleton Academy).

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20 January, 2011

Mike Grella Loaned to Motherwell... Or Not

Looks like US journeyman forward, Mike Grella is on the move again. After a recent loan stint with Carlisle United where he netted 3 in 10 appearances, Leeds decided to send him north of the border to Motherwell in the SPL for some minutes.

At 23, he isn't getting any younger and with Leeds a producer of talent which they sell up, getting Grella some first team action is both productive and lucrative for them.

Grella joins Motherwell who sit 24pts out of first, but a mere 7pts out of a European Cup spot and who have only one forward with any more than 1 goal this season. It's never good when 2 of your top 3 goal scorers are midfielders. Hopefully, Grella can bring some goal scoring in and in turn start gaining much needed experience.


Well, it was just announced on Motherwell's website that the Grella move is off. In general, a player is only allowed to play for 2 different clubs within a season. Grella played 34mins for Leeds at the beginning of the season and then went out on emergency loan to Carlisle United where he played in 11 matches.

The loan move was good under the assumption that the emergency loan did not count against the 2 different club rule, but apparently it does. Well, Grella, you better be stepping up in practice or this'll be a long 2nd half to the season.

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19 January, 2011

Looking for the Cosmos

First there was the retro ad thing on the web...

Then the rumors floated that they would return... (at this point, all they have is a youth academy).

Last week, Cobi Jones moves sideways and signs as Associate Director of Soccer for the team that still doesn't officially exist in MLS...

And then...

Eric Cantona

18 January, 2011

Movin On Up

Don't yet know what to make of this... Joseph Gyau's Hoffenheim page had him playing with the U17 in the Junior Bundesliga South/Southwest league until today...

And now?

It has his stats also including the Regionalliga... The only Hoffenheim team that plays there is the U23 (the B team)... So is he moving up after 12 matches in which he logged 930 minutes, 1 yellow and a goal?

Yup. Hoffenheim have updated their U23 team roster to include Gyau.

Currently, Hoffenheim's B team sits 4th in the Regionalliga. Their next match is against SG Sonnenhof on the 26th with their game vs. FC Memmingen postponed.

We'll keep you updated as he progresses with the B team. Good to see him making strides with the Bundesliga team and under a new (well, as head coach he's new) skipper. Doesn't hurt that he's got MOM honors during a recent U20 USMNT match a few weeks back. Hope there is more to come this year.

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Say Hello to Your New USL PRO

Beginning April 2nd (guess they didn't want to mess with that whole April Fool's thing after the debacle last year with the USSF having to get involved with USL) the USL PRO will kick off with 3 divisions of 5 teams each focusing on regional play.

17 January, 2011

Kenny Gets Green

Cooper. Another in a list of forgotten USMNT. He had such a promising start. 40 goals in 90 appearances for Dallas. ~$1mil contract to just to Germany and play his up and coming start in the Bundesliga 2. And then a broken ankle, as well as several other minor injuries derailed his start.

Kind of expected him to pop up somewhere with a tshirt that says "I went to Germany and all I got were those 2 goals". Yeah, and 12 appearances (15 app, 3 g if you count all matches). It wasn't as if he was bad, just slow. And in Europe, that gets exposed pretty easily. He did marginally better with 3 goals in 5 appearances on loan to Plymouth Argyle earlier this season.

So, without much further ado, Kenny has come home. Well, sort of.

16 January, 2011

Gale Agbossoumonde To Trial With Djurgardens IF

Gale is going on trial with Swedish 1st Div team Djurgardens. The idea is that it is a 2 week trial with the option of a 6mo/1yr loan with the option to buy.

Gale had been practicing with Portuguese 2nd division Estoril previously and the rust showed during his U20 matches last week.

Hopefully the move is permanent. Many a US player has gone to a nordic country to get their foot in the door, so to speak, of bigger Euro clubs and Gale has all the potential, so we shall see.

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EPL: Manchester City v Wolves Highlights

Well, for lack of ever being able to find highlights of a Wolves match, I'm relegated to showing you a Dzeko highlight of his debut for Man City against Wolves. Same match, and you'll see a lot of the action, sans some Wolves comeback goals. All in all not bad of a debut for the boy. Man City wins it 4-3. Tevez scores twice, and both Toures do as well.

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EPL: Blackburn v Chelsea Highlights

Ivanovic and Anelka score as Chelsea get back on track and Blackburn loses yet another, 2-0 the final.

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Blackburn Revamp Continues

Blackburn is trying hard to remake their team. They've taken Roque Santa Cruz back on loan, barely missed out in bringing back Bentley from Spurs and now they are reportedly after a bruiser in midfield by contacting Schalke 04 for out of favor Jermaine Jones.

Jones was relegated to the reserve squad in an ongoing dispute between Jones and Schalke management over playing time and attitude. They had stuck with him despite is year long injry last year dealing with his never healing leg, but now that he is healthy, the 29yo wants out and Blackburn could give him that.

Findley Gets UK Permit Approval

Looks like your boy is going to be playing for Forest in the coming days. It will still take him a few days to secure the appropriate Visa, but the major obstacle of getting work permit approval in the UK has been overcome.

Findley joined on a free transfer this winter and if he can continue his goal scoring in England, it'll be a bargain for Nottingham. Everyone knows they need a scorer, and they've been relying on McGugan (MF with 10 goals in 16 appearances this season) way too much.

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Beckham Move To Spurs Sorted

Alright, we got the texts between Harry Redknapp of Spurs and David Beckham. The move is on. Enjoy.

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