05 February, 2011

EPL: Man City v WBA Highlights

Apparently, excitement is your middle name. This was a great day for soccer. Tevez and his snood get a natural hattrick in the 1st half as Man City cruises at home. How's that for a birthday match? Final 3-0.

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EPL: Man U v Wolverhampton Highlights

It all happened in the 1st half with Wolves scoring 2 unanswered goals and 5 minutes of "Manchester Injury Time" couldn't save Man U away at Wolves. Wolves win it in a nailbiter, 2-1.

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EPL: Bolton v Tottenham Highlights

A VDV penalty and then one called back highlight a dramatic win by Spurs with little used Vedran Corluka pulling out the late 3pts versus Bolton. You'll think that the video is looping in the first minute, but no, that's a 2nd penalty. Final, 2-1 Spurs.

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EPL: Arsenal v Newcastle Highlights

Honestly, I looked at the scoreboard after 20mins and thought, "Damn, this is over." Apparently, the fat lady wasn't singing just yet. In dramatic fashion, Newcastle comes back with Joey Barton scoring 2 off PKs. Final, 4-4.

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The Beautiful Game (pt. 28)


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04 February, 2011

Special 1 TV (S.2 Ep. 13)

I wanted to be a Hammer since I was a lad... Shut up Robbie.

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02 February, 2011

Planning on Qatar 2022?

The guys over at Big Soccer have a great article about why the stands were virtually empty for the Asian Cup finals this year. Seems that when the Qatari Royal family shows up for sporting events, the gates are locked and guarded by heavily armed patrolmen.

So when some of the Royal family showed up 30mins prior to game time, some 8000 fans with tickets, were left outside holding their tickets in one hand and their junk in the other and told to make use of both because they wouldn't be getting in.

Now I'm not one to say this appears to be a big problem for FIFA in light of the whole shenanigans with South Africa, but wtf?

One video culled from Big Soccer:

Video: baldtrev

Jozy to Bursaspor

On a 6mo loan to get some playing time. Fellow "former" American, Rossi has been eating up competition up top and most good players can't compete with that. In this case, neither can Jozy, so a move to Turkey is on.

Bursapor is currently 2nd in the Turkish Superliga and also just brought in Scottish forward Kenny Miller to help bolster their attack. Could be a good move, as playing time, anywhere, is better than sitting the bench.

Video: Bursaspor

Snow Day

Yeah, homebound cause of this ridiculous snowfall here in the states. Because of that, and because you're probably snowed in as well, here's a little enjoyment for you... get your snow soccer on:

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2nd Annual TSI Cup

The 2nd Annual TSI Cup was another success. Despite losing one team due to inactivity (presumably) on their account, the competition for the Cup was fierce with several D4 and D5 teams slugging it out for the prize.

For those of you unaware, several of our contributors have been dabbling on Trophy Manager this season. It is an online fantasy soccer game where you manage and run a club in everyday operations and games to build your team into the powerhouse you wish your favorite club always could be.

01 February, 2011

Charlie Davies joins DC United on loan

This just in...

DC United has just confirmed that Charlie Davies is on a one-week trial loan from Sochaux. See the official press release from DC United. If his "tryout" goes as well as expected (presumably to evaluate his health and fitness), DC United has already arranged, but not finalized, a one-year loan with Sochaux.

Davies will join DC United at training camp in Ft Lauderdale, FL, on Wednesday, February 2, for a one-week evaluation.

Ironically, Washington DC was the site of Charlie Davies' devastating car crash in October 2009.


Newcastle, Bigger, Better, Faster, Cheaper

Pardew took the reigns of Newcastle a few months ago with the explicit talk from Newcastle fat man, Mike Ashley, that none of the big name players would be sold.

Then, several teams came sniffing around Carroll, and despite his injury and known alcohol/drug problems, offered up nearly $50mil to transfer.

Now, granted, with ~$50mil, most teams will strengthen a whole squad... then there is Mike Ashley

31 January, 2011

Transfer Deadline

Sure there were a lot of deals that didn't happen, but what do you think is the biggest one that did?

Personally, I like the moves Liverpool made and Chelsea just pretty much shut the door on any competition from Man U or any other pretenders with the Torres and Luis signings.

Tell us your pick.

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