19 February, 2011

FA Cup: Chelsea v Everton Highlights

Because I'm good like that, I bring you the extended Chelsea v Everton FA Cup highlights. Sit back, get some popcorn and enjoy Chelsea getting knocked the heck out of the FA Cup.

For those of you keeping score at home, thats now 7 consecutive shootout losses for Chelsea. Good thing they don't want the "cheap" silverware and can now focus on the CL*.

*-Heavy sarcasm here...

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Pat Onstad Unretires

On the heels of the DC United joke, Onstad has announced his unretirement and returned to the pitch. At 43, the former Canadian NT keeper looks to solidify a goal that hasn't been stopping much of anything. At this point, it is a question if MLS will allow him to use a cane and Hoverround between the pipes.

That said, how bad do the backup keepers feel?

The other options for DC were Troy Perkins, who fractured his wrist last week in camp and is out ~10weeks, and Bill Hamid, who is still recovering from shoulder surgery.

Photo: DCUnited

Teal Out For 4-6 Weeks

Injured during last week's preseason match in Phoenix, Teal got the update and is set to miss the MLS season opener between KC and Chivas.

While this won't really affect his playing time or chances for the USMNT, a dislocation does put a little fear into players and may slow his scoring a little to start the season. The photo to the right shows a complete dislocation of the elbow which would require much more extensive rehab. In Teal's case, it was a simple dislocation.
Elbow dislocations are not common. Elbow dislocations typically occur when a person falls onto an outstretched hand. When the hand hits the ground, the force is sent to the elbow. Usually, there is a turning motion in this force. This can drive and rotate the elbow out of its socket. Elbow dislocations can also happen in car accidents when the passengers reach forward to cushion the impact. The force that is sent through the arm can dislocate the elbow, just as in a fall.
Here's to hoping he gets back on the horse and keeps taking it to the defense.

Photo: orthoinfo

The Beautiful Game (pt. 30)

Boys cleaning up after a game in Somalia

Photo: biyokulule

17 February, 2011

So A Washed Up Keeper Walks Into D.C.

Tell me if you heard this one before. Jeff Maurer over at the Washington Post had a great jab at DC and their revolving door of backup keepers cum laude who are never what is expected and certainly are overhyped. Don't believe me?

15 February, 2011

AC Milan Can Suck It

As an unabashed Spurs fan, a 1-0 win anywhere with our decimated lineup (we're missing 3 of the first team midfield starters) and to have two more players go out during a match with injuries pretty much is unheard of. Couple that with an away match against a amazingly star studded (and old, yeah, I said it) lineup and well, call me over the moon.

He's big, he's freaky, he scores a goal that's cheeky, Peter Crouch!

I'm just going to leave it at that, because, 1-0... away...

Video: wright22742 , Todayfoot21

Charlie Davies 2, T&T U-20's 0

On Saturday, February 12, DC United just concluded their training camp with a 4-0 win over Trinidad and Tobago's U-20 team. Charlie Davies scored two goals and assisted a third one, playing only the second half and creating all three of DCU's second half goals. Here is the official report from DC United. Notice the nasty scar on Charlie's head in the training camp photo.

14 February, 2011

Ronaldo Retires

After a span of ~390 goals in 563 appearances for club and country, Ronaldo calls it finished, effective immediately. Citing dodgy knees, Ronaldo finishes as one of the greatest to play the game even when he did his fat man tribute to Maradona.

and a little highlight of him in action for all you fans of the game:

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13 February, 2011

Special 1 TV (S.2 Ep. 14)

If you see an Arsenal fan out walking the dog, get them to call 0800-41-42-43-44 for advice on how to hold a lead. Classic.

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