26 February, 2011

Mismanagement Redux

Tell me if this sounds familiar? Misappropriation of funds, falling behind on several stadium improvements, a stadium that have even yet to be constructed, and a possible white elephant of a stadium...

If it sounds like South Africa in 2008, two years before their 2010WC appearance, then you are partly right. These were comments by an auditor regarding Brazil and it's 2014 WC preparations. Not good.

The Beautiful Game (pt. 31)

French Soccer


24 February, 2011

FIFA Is Flush

With money according to Sepp. During a conference in Sudan (by the way, wtf is FIFA doing having a conference in a nation about 2 seconds from another revolution and just weeks after voting for splitting?), Sepp says that FIFA has $1.2 billion in the bank reserves after the 2010 World Cup.

Apparently, WC 2010 was more profitable for FIFA than 2006. Not quite sure how, since they had to flush money down the drain to fill the stadiums and with all the work that was required at a premium within the last 30 days prior to the Cup, but that's SA's problem and not FIFA's, right? I mean, they are the ones having to figure out uses for the stadiums that their own rugby and soccer federations can't use/fill.

How Not To Draw A Foul

Well, it isn't so much "how not to draw" as it is, "what the hell?"

So, it's the U-20's World Cup. Chile is down 1-0 to Ecuador in the 77' and Chile's Carrasco decides that he wants to get Ecuadorian #13 a card. So, like any good cheap player, he grabs the Ecuadorian player's hand and smacks his own face with it.

Well, no card, but he did get the ref to call a free kick so I guess something is better than nothing.

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23 February, 2011

EPL: Blackpool v Tottenham Highlights

Ugh... This wasn't pretty. Stupid foul, decent dive, Spurs go down with Defoe yet again failing to connect and Blackpool wins, 3-1.

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22 February, 2011

No Winners in Columbus

Columbus Crew Stadium wasn't quite this empty in the snow earlier tonight as they hosted Real Salt Lake in the first leg of their CONCACAF Champions League quarterfinal, but it was close. A few fans endured a sloppy preseason nil-nil draw in the snow, and the fans were the losers. The Crew couldn't score despite a man advantage for almost the entire second half, after Tony Beltran was ejected for a second yellow card in the 53rd minute. In fact, the game ended 10 against 9 when Emilio Renteria and Nat Borchers got the rare "double ejection" for fighting when the referee wasn't looking (personally I think Borchers was responsible for the incident, but maybe that's because Renteria was one of the only players making anything happen on offense).

They're Back

The four home-and-home aggregate quarterfinals for the CONCACAF Champions League begin tonight, with an all-MLS clash between the Columbus Crew and Real Salt Lake at Crew Stadium. In a strange quirk of the draw, the two MLS teams play each other and the four Mexican teams also play each other. Furthermore, the winners of the two all-Mexico quarterfinals will play each other in the semifinals, guaranteeing that the final will be a Mexican team against a non-Mexican team.

21 February, 2011

Trick Shots

Although giving up 33 goals last year, of which not all had to be his fault, and the fact that he shutout my alma mater Eastern Illinois 3-0 aside, this kid has managed to put together a youtube reel of trick shots.

Let's hope he can parlay this into a better season for 2011, cause the opponents they played last season weren't much to look at and no one wants to be the highlight of a half time show for a NASL team.

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20 February, 2011

Special 1 TV (S.2 Ep. 15)

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike.

Capello at the Dentist... "I have 2 fingers... rrrrrr"


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