26 March, 2011

The Beautiful Game (pt. 35 )

Grand Anse Beach, Grenada

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Euro Friendly Weekend

Now with Free Highlights!

There are some decent games for Euro 2012 qualifying going on today:

Bosnia v Romania
Wales v England*
Norway v Denmark

There are more, but half of them you've never heard of (yes, I have, but you really don't want to catch a game between Georgia and Croatia or Andorra v Slovakia, do you?)

*Spur midfielder/defender Gareth Bale has been ruled out for this one.

You can catch some of these via or your online viewer of choice.

And as a wrap-up of yesterday's qualifying:

Special 1 TV (S.2 Ep.20)

I backed you all the way Rio...

I backed you all the way JT...

Video: Doitchampions

25 March, 2011

Chicago Fire Pick Up A Ferrari

A red one to match their unis apparently. It's big and fast... performance you ask? Well... *mumble mumble* He was on the US U20 National team.

What's that? What's he done since then? Well, played all over Europe... Series A with Sampdoria and played against Inter in the Coppa Italia. What else? Umm.... one goal in three matches. No... it wasn't for Sampdoria who let him go... it was for *cough* FC Wohlen.

You've heard of them right? They're a great team. They play in the *cough* sorry, there that cough goes again...

What? I didn't answer your question? Oh, um, er, FC Wohlen is D2 Swiss soccer... Yeah, this isn't making me feel much better right now to be a Fire fan.

Ocho Cinco Ballo

Well, it's not pretty. His stance and the fact that he tries to run over everyone with the ball aside. He still can refer to himself as an "elite athlete" apparently, although I'm not sure in what sport as last time I checked NFL ain't happening at the moment. Either way, gander some of this and realize that Sporting isn't going to sign this guy unless they got a lot of people signing up to view him on their site.

Video: notsnhojwerdna

24 March, 2011

Goal of the Week (Mar. 24th)

Hello Elano

Video: Cretoludo

Need A Quick Laugh?

Just going to say... We've all thought about commentators reviewing us...

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23 March, 2011

Bin Hammam Trepidations

So you are hearing that Sepp is corrupt. Fine. You also hear that bin Hammam, the Qatari who is running against Sepp for the FIFA presidency, is corrupt. Try doing a search on bin Hammam and it's tough to pin anything to the guy directly... Because of this, we bring you:

Now, only some of it can be directly linked to bin Hammam, but as the Asian Fed president, and being from Qatar, you have to wonder if he had no knowledge of any of this, nor any association with any of this... I'll let you decide.

Video: Liverpoolfcofficial

22 March, 2011

Make Something of Yourself

Thanks to the guys over at theoriginalwinger for posting this up. Great short video. Definitely worth the 5mins to watch.

Video: tmbbrand

21 March, 2011

Charlie Davies Ya'll

There is a myriad of good highlights of his game against Columbus, in which he scored twice, as well as some of his rehab... but this one is a quality one.

Video: 723footballfilms

Holden Out

Yeah, not a good day for US soccer. Holden was the lucky recipient of a Jonny Evans cleat first, leaving the ground slide. To say this wasn't intentional is a joke. He may not have intended to actually hit Holden, but when you lead with that and expect someone to get out of the way because a sane person would most likely recognize they are going to get seriously injured, then it's all just semantics.

Here, you take a look at the the video and get back to me when you can rationalize Evan's opinion.

Video: Hustonsoccer

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