16 April, 2011

MLS Pickup at the Deadline

Benny Feilhaber...

After a career that spanned Germany, England and AGF Aarhus in Denmark, Feilhaber is returning to the US, to undertake a new beginning with MLS. Having fallen off the radar as of late with the US during friendlies despite some phenomenal outings, Feilhaber signed on the last day for international transfers, April 15th.

First up on the allocations is Chivas USA, followed by Philly and then New England. If Chivas passes, we'll be surprised, and I think with Philly's tactics, Feilhaber would do better anywhere else.

His decision, and MLS's is due soon.

In the meantime... here's your Mexican NT killer:

Video: Antigen2c

The Beautiful Game (pt. 38)

Grand Anse Beach, Grenada

Photo: TSI

15 April, 2011

Twenty-Two Years Ago Today


For Liverpool fans, the name rings cold. The memory of 96 fans lives snuffed out and another 766 injured during a FA Cup semi-final between Sheffield Wednesday and Liverpool on April 15, 1989 cannot be forgotten.

Ranking as the worst football disaster ever in England, the accident saw 96 Liverpool fans killed when something set off a wave of fans falling forward. Normally, this would result in fans jumping onto the pitch to avoid the crush, but prior to the match, Sheffield had constructed fences to section off the stands in hopes it would help prevent hooliganism. The attempt backfired horribly.

Instead, fans as young as 10 and as old as 67 were crushed with no way to escape. This is perhaps the single most reason you see FA stadiums requiring all tickets to be for seats only, as the Sheffield match was in a standing room terrace.

Special 1 TV (S.2 EP. 23)

"My girlfriend is a mad Chelsea fan, so I bought her a blank dvd for her birthday entitled 'Fernando Torres Chelsea Goals'"... my word...

Video: doitchampions

12 April, 2011

Crazy Penalty

During a match between Hiroshima and Shimizu Fun... Not really sure it surprised the keeper, but it definitely would slow any rebound shot.

Video: za3abilo

10 April, 2011

Bahrain Suspends Four National Team Players

Citing club banning behind their suspension, 4 Bahraini NT players have been suspended indefinitely from playing for their country. Conveniently, all four players are of Shiite believers (A sect of Islam comprising ~20% of Islam, where the followers believe that a relative of the prophet Mohammad should direct the religion; opposed to Sunni, comprising the remaining 80% of Islam, where the most learned of the Koran is elected to power). Bahrain, it should be noted is split about 60/40 Shiite to Sunni.

Two of the players were seen on television during protests. A'ala Hubail, was serving as a paramedic to protesters, something he is familiar with as his occupation previous to making a career in soccer was as a paramedic. The other player, his brother, Mohamed Hubail, was also caught on camera. Between the two of them, they have a combined 100+ national team appearances and 29 goals while on duty for the small nation.

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