07 May, 2011

QPR Escape Point Deduction


Yeah, not quite sure what the FA is doing here, but there are rules in place preventing players from having third party ownership. We had enough of that with Carlos Tevez. Regardless, QPR had several charges brought against them and escaped all but two.

The fine... £875,000 and a 'warning' (nudge nudge wink wink...).

While £875,000 seems like a lot to most of us, remember that QPR's owners are listed in the world's top 50 richest people so this is like happy meal money for the guy.

With 4 pts in hand ahead of any playoff for promotion, QPR has sealed the deal and is guaranteed promotion to the EPL for next season.

In other news, FIFA and Sepp Blatter are upset that someone else is cutting in on their cheap fines and petty penalties.

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The Beautiful Game (pt. 41)

Venice, Italy

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06 May, 2011

Bye Bye Rongen

In one of the least anticipated, and under reported stories to come out of USSoccer yesterday was the firing, um, sorry, "not rehiring" of U20 USMNT coach Thomas Rongen.
After failing to qualify for the U20 WC in a semifinal upset, Rongen has been relieved of duties until his contract ends December 31, 2011. Until that time, he will "have another role with USSoccer."

What exactly that role is, who knows. Taking his place is Tab Ramos. Many of you remember the phenomenal play of Ramos during the 90s. What you don't know is his coaching experience. He really doesn't have any other than running the Tab Ramos Soccer Academy for the past 15 years.

Special 1 TV (S.2 Ep.26)

My blah blah blah is more special than your blah blah blah...

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05 May, 2011

Golden Whistle Part Deux FC Porto is Back

Long long ago... in a galaxy far far away...

There was a soccer club... let's call them FC Porto. FC Porto was one of several teams accused of a bribery scandal in which club officials bribed various officials and referees to gain favorable outcomes. Along comes FC Porto President Pinto de Costa. He is accused of bribing a few officials in 2004 to guarantee that Porto will win and thus move on to Champions League action the following season.

Unfortunately for Pinto de Costa, he is caught and the case goes to court. But that's when something funny happens. See his voice recordings, while clearly damning, are inadmissible in Portuguese courts unless they are related to a case such as murder. Since this was only abuse of power and corruption, the recordings are tossed and he ends up being found not guilty.

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