14 May, 2011

Slow Day For Man United

Sigh... it was bound to happen.

On an upside, we figure that the only reason he twittered the picture was that no one else would see it save for him, his wife and whatever lady of the night he's playing with on the side (and possibly that woman's friend)...

Photo: The Mirror

FA Cup Final Highlights

Stoke v Man City.

Yaya Toure with the lone goal in the 75th, and Balotelli tells an interviewer that Man City had a sh*t season. Not bad, but I'm beginning to think that money does buy trophies (if that wasn't figured out before with Chelsea)...

Video: Footballking

Ankle Breaking Saturday

Been a while since we saw some highlight reels here from Viva Futbol, so here you go:

Now get out and start breaking some ankles.

Video: VivaFutbolOfficial

The Beautiful Game (pt. 42)

Beach Soccer Worldwide Tourney, Miami Florida

Photo: Miaminewtimes

13 May, 2011

In Case You Missed It

The first legs of the Mexico Torneo Clausura semifinals were played earlier today, and the first one was a weird one. #8 Guadalajara Chivas, fresh off their convincing upset of #1 UNL Tigres by a 4-2 aggregate score, hosted #2 UNAM Pumas, who tied Torneo Apertura champions #7 Monterrey by a 3-3 aggregate score but advanced on the away goals rule, losing 3-1 in Monterrey and then winning 2-0 at home.

Special 1 TV (S.2 Ep. 27)

Rumors are floating that the Special 1 will move next to Old Trafford... Can it be true?

Video: BBCComedy

12 May, 2011

Goal of the Week (May 13th)

First, I have to apologize for Blogger making every post we had in the past 4-5 days vanish without even a notice to ourselves.

That said and done, here's your goal of the week, nay, of the year from d2 Greece. Wait, what? D2 Greece's PAS Giannina? Really?

Yeah, well, after watching this, those kids ought to be receiving double what Man U paid for Bebe.

Yeah kids, that was an ankle break, a rabona then a bike goal. Sick.

Video: MrAngelos

08 May, 2011

The Future of US Soccer

I got my hands on the USSF's Coaching Curriculum for youth soccer today... and I found some interesting stuff in it:

1) Apparently, we overplay the 4-4-2 formation
2) We dribble too much
3) We don't attack out of the backfield enough
4) Our passing sucks

Well, no real surprises there, but what they are suggesting is that we should run the 4-3-3 (or 4-2-3-1) exclusively until the U15 bracket at which point, we can "introduce" the 4-4-2 diamond formation. Now, surprisingly, this is how I grew up playing... at least until the U12 bracket at which point we started toying with the 3-5-2 and somehow that was overtaken by the man crush that developed across the country with the 4-4-2.

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