04 June, 2011

Friendly: Spain v US Highlights

Wow... Gooch and more importantly Ream got worked on our backline. The Spanish even managed to score a mirror goal on the same blown coverage. Let's hope we play better in the Cup, and please, if I hear Bob Bradley say "We had a look at several players in different positions" one more time when we never are looking at players or ones that will never cut it, I will scream.

Video: USSF

The Beautiful Game (pt. 45)

Two children playing soccer at the Taman Sari Water Castle in Indonesia

Photo: osolev

03 June, 2011

The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Been a sleepy morning, trying to finish up a final week of teaching, but here you go with some great news.

Brad Friedel.

Wait, oh, um, Brad Friedel + Tottenham = You know you love some Spurs now

Yeah, Tottenham still has issues keeping Gomez from messing up a game they are winning. Actually, he, personally, has cost them 9 points in the standings this year alone on Robert Green type moves. So what is a team supposed to do to fix that when there aren't many top level keepers hanging around without paying through the nose? Why, raid Aston Villa of course.

31 May, 2011

Your Daily Funnies

To say today was a rollercoaster is understatement. With everyone in FIFA backstabbing each other, some little bits slipped through most of the media cracks.

As many of you know, serial klepto, Jack Warner (former pres of Concacaf) was suspended from all football actions indefinitely. His replacement, a one Lisle Austin, who also claimed they never received any bribes despite several federations claiming otherwise, instructed Collins and Collins law firm (who works for FIFA and was contacted by the USSF's Chuck Blazer) to cease and desist all work with CONCACAF federations. And Blazer has reported Jack yet again as Warner sent the desist letter through his own rep on behalf of Lisle Austin. Additionally, Warner is supposed to have met with several CONCACAF federation presidents which would be in violation of his restraint. The fact that he also sent out a letter to all CONCACAF presidents to support Blatter just caps the hilarity:

29 May, 2011

It's The End of The World

Maybe that crazy old dude was right about the apocalypse. Look:

Spurs make it to the CL Semis,
Barca defeats Man U handidly in the CL Finals,
bin Hammam drops out of the FIFA Presidency election,
and then this...
Jack Warner provisionally suspended from FIFA.

And one of the best parts? A Blatter says that Warner knew about the bribes and Warner says its a conspiracy by America.

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