11 June, 2011

Gold Cup: Grenada v Honduras Highlights

This wasn't so much a game as a clinic... maybe even practice for the Hondurans. Grenada did finally manage to score for the first time ever in Gold Cup play, but they stunk it up with horrible marking.

What is disappointing is that Grenada let their former T&T coach, Franklyn Simpson go and replaced him with Mike Adams. Adams barely beat St. Kitts/Nevis once and drew them the other time (both low scoring affairs) and he has gone on to give up 11 goals and scored once in 2 Gold Cup matches. His predecessor Simpson? 3-1 win over Puerto Rico last fall in the Carib Cup with a 2-0 win over St. Kitts and a 1-0 win over T&T... Just sayin.

Final score? Honduras 7 Grenada 1

Video: Anatoliy_65

Gold Cup: Guatemala v Jamaica Highlights

One of the few good highlights I can find and it's the terrible twosome of For that I apologize. Might even be worth turning down the volume on this one. I got lucky and caught this live on the spanish channels last night and they had much better commentary and the game was surprisingly good. Jamaica showed some great creativity on the pitch and I fully expect them to go far in this tourney with a decent draw.

Video: Anatoliy_65

The Beautiful Game (pt. 46)

Children playing soccer between the walls of the castle in Rhodes, Greece

Photo: Spencer Olsen

09 June, 2011

Five Mexican Players Test Positive

Yahoo Sports is reporting that 5 Mexican players on their Gold Cup squad tested positive for clenbuterol. The positive test means they have to be dropped from the squad.

Of those involved, goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa is the most notable with defenders Edgar Duenas and Francisco Rodriguez and mids Christian Bermudez and Antonio Naelson also implicated. They are blaming "tainted beef bought in the US" for the positive test and are citing similar positive tests blamed on tainted chickens by Tour de France cyclist Contador from last year.

Yeah, because, if anything, we like to give our cattle asthma medicine to bulk them up here. Now, synthetic growth hormone, maybe, Clenbuterol, no. You may also remember the name Kirk Randomski who, around the time of the Barry Bonds incidents, admitted to distributing this slimming drug that has similar effects to ephidrine (think speed).

Do you hear that? That's the sound of Mexico's title hopes just getting downed a notch.

Photo: clenbuterol-king

08 June, 2011

Gold Cup: Canada v US Highlights

Dempsey scores a sweet one and Jozy squeeks one past the keeper in this 2-0 win for the US.

Now with Spanish announcers!

Or if you prefer horrible US announcers, try this link... the only thing missing? "Boom goes the dynamite".

Video: Concacaf Gold Cup

07 June, 2011

Martin Jol and Fulham

The brother of Cock and Dick Jol (seriously, you can't make that up) is finally the new manager at Ful Took nearly a year for it to happen, but early today, Martin returned to the EPL when he signed a 2 yr contract to take over for the Cottagers.

Martin's last stint with the EPL didn't go so well at Tottenham. Amazing what a little time away will do for your aura. As you remember, despite holding Tottenham in the top 5 for a season or two after his inaugural season in 9th, Jol came back in his last season with Spurs (2007) and drug them to the near bottom of the table before being sacked and Juande Ramos being brought in.

So what has Martin done since then?

06 June, 2011

Gold Cup: Costa Rica v Cuba Highlights

Apparently, Costa Rica weren't to be outdone by Mexico, so they dropped in 5 of their own on hapless Cuba. Didn't catch the game live, but that's some blown marking on the 1st goal and the Cuban keeper couldn't make a jv high school team playing like that.

Video: anhnguyennta9

05 June, 2011

Gold Cup: El Salvador v Mexico Highlights

I'm going to apologize now for the tinny audio, but the American commentary of this was atrocious (although better quality sound). Chicharito picks up right where he left off and nets a hat trick as Mexico puts 5 past El Salvador in the 2nd half in route to a 5-0 win.

Video: Rosendo607

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