02 July, 2011

What's Good About Soccer

This'll make you cry, seriously. Sometimes it's good to be a kid and just enjoy the playing and the friendship rather than the wins. You never wanted a team to score so badly. 270+ goals against...

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01 July, 2011

Women's World Cup: Japan v Mexico Highlights

Clinical in the Japanese women's set piece play, and just an all around crappy performance by the recently stellar play of the Mexicans equal a 4-0 drubbing in Germany. A hat-trick by Homare Sawa highlights the utter mauling that Japan dealt out today. 7 to 3 SOG and a 56% time of possession round out the stats for Japan in what could be a disappointing exit for the Mexican side that had held The US to a 1-0 win in extra time in a pre Cup warmup and had knocked the World's #1 out of the CONCACAF Finals for WCQ. Ohno completes the scoring for Japan. If New Zealand wins, Mexico has to blow out New Zealand and hope for another Japanese win to have a chance to move on.

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Umbro Smokes Crack

Seriously. In what world do they and the FA think that a keeper would wear this jersey? Do they think the opposition strikers are going to be so scared and/or blinded by its hideous sight that they will miss the goal? Wow... and at only a mere £45.

In all honesty, I think most countries are trying to boost income by tossing out new unis every couple years. Back in the day, it used to be that countries had to pay a company to wear their kits. Oh how far we've come. In this case, this is England's 2nd kit since the World Cup in South Africa.

Others can be viewed here.

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30 June, 2011

Women's World Cup: Germany v Nigeria Highlights

Simone Laudehr is at the right place at the right time to clean up a rebound shot for the game's only goal. Looks a little bit that Nigeria weren't marking well, but regardless, great goal. Surprisingly, Nigeria brought this same team to Germany last year in a friendly and lost 8-0. How's that for a marked improvement? Now it's down to who wins the group, Germany or France?


Women's World Cup: Canada v France Highlights

Damn. France dropped the hammer on the Canadians. Thieny scores a brace with Abily and Thomis also knocking in one each. So how dominating were the French? Well, Canada had 7 shots for the entire game... and none on goal. Possession was pretty much split, but the Canadians were forced into a physical type game just to try to keep the French from racking up even more goals. This is the clearly dominating performance we have yet to see from Brasil or Sweden so expect them to start to step up their games. France moves on to the 2nd round and it's just a matter of the hosts winning against Nigeria later today to see who else moves on.

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Women's World Cup: Equatorial Guinea v Norway Highlights

Equatorial Guinea looked surprisingly strong, or Norway just couldn't keep up with their pace. Lucky for Norway, Equatorial Guinea couldn't finish to save their lives. Twice just missing the right post and then missing a sitter in front of goal only to have Norway finish off one of the best open goal chances with aplumb. Norway wins 1-0.

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Women's World Cup: Australia v Brazil Highlights

It was a little difficult to watch, what with both the Matildas and Brazil seemingly deadset in their tactics. Brazil wanted to obviously push the wings until it got to the box and then tried to get it to the center of the pitch. Regardless, a lot of physical play and a beautiful goal despite excellent marking results in a Brazilian 1-0 win.

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29 June, 2011

One Year and Counting

It's been a year since our first post about the penalty kick during the World Cup in South Africa. So it got us thinking, what have been some of the "Best Of's" in the past year?

While one could argue that the dos Santos goal from the 2011 Gold Cup final was pretty sweet, as was the Canadian backup keeper's half field free kick that bounced into goal, we are going to have to go with:

D2 Greece, yeah, I said it. PAS Gianna has two players to combine for one sweet goal and setup.

2nd place was Altintop's goal in Euro qualifying. Yes, it won a lot of awards from last year, but damn if that isn't a pimp goal.

28 June, 2011

Gooch to Sporting Lisbon

Wow, if you are like me, this one came as a little of a surprise. Not so much that he leaves AC Milan on a free transfer because he was never going to see the pitch with them, but that Gooch had offered to play out a year of his contract for free because of the support that AC Milan offered him during his injury. Guess if they aren't paying you, they might as well release you, eh?

Gooch is on the move to Sporting Lisbon, signing a 3yr contract today. Among other players to join are Andre Carrillo, Alberto Rodriguez, Stijn Schaars and Santiago Arias. Oh... I'm missing someone... Yeah, one of the best names in the game, Ricky van Wolfswinkel signed as well. Reportedly, Sporting is also expected to sign French youngster Atila Turan. Not a bad piece of work in the early parts of the transfer window for Sporting.

Expect Gooch to finally get some playing time, and hopefully sharpen up those skills for our suddenly weak backline on the USMNT.

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Women's World Cup: North Korea v US Highlights

Rapinoe was sat in favor of Cheney to start the match for the US and Cheney repaid the confidence with the first goal of the match, early in the 2nd half. Rampinoe came on late off the bench and had a 50/50 goal called back because the keeper had her fingers on it. A disappointingly unfavorable call, but one that is understandable.

Our prediction was a close 2-1 match. In the first half, it looked to be one, with the US unable to break down the youngest squad in the WWC with an average age of 20. Apparently, the loss is easily explained. A lightning strike which no one knew about during training hit "the [starting] goalkeeper and the four defenders". Good to know that their coach is smart enough to explain away a loss to Dear Leader. Wonder what's next. Food poisoning? How about temporary blindness from the direct telepathic communication from Dear Leader during the game. Seriously, you can't make this stuff up. Either way, US walks away 2-0 winners behind a hugely dominating second half with goals from Cheney and defender Buehler.

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Women's World Cup: Colombia v Sweden Highlights

Sweden should have won BIG today. Instead, they had two chances cleared off the line, missed a sitter, beat the keeper and missed a flick into an empty net all before Sweden's #9 Landstrom slotted one into the net on the back post off a great cross. For their part, apparently Colombia thought all their shots had to come from outside the box. Sweden comes away winners, although, they should have run up the score here, 1-0.

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Women's World Cup: England v Mexico Highlights

Despite England coming in favorites (at least they thought they were), Mexico brought a strong team that should certainly not be underestimated. England started out the scoring off a corner where England's #8 Williams put in a sweet header into the back of the net. Certainly not to be outdone, Mexico's #19 Ocampo returned the favor with what I think could be the shot of the tourney from 35 yrds out into the upper left corner of the goal. A beauty of a strike. Mexico was later denied a legit pk opportunity when Garciamendez was fouled in the box by England's Unitt (that just sounded dirty). England squeaks out a point and sit in a tie for 2nd place in a strong group after this one, 1-1 the final.

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Women's World Cup: Japan v New Zealand Highlights

It took only five minutes for Japan's #17 Nagasato to open up the scoring with a wonderful chip of the keeper from the right side of the box. Just 6 minutes later, though, New Zealand's #9 Hearn returned the favor on an unmarked header at the back post off a delightful chip into the box. It remained deadlocked until the middle of the second half when a free kick by Miyama found the upper right 90 from 20yrds out. Despite winning, Japan certainly has to feel troubled as they were expected to run out winners by a comfortable margin. Final, Japan wins 2-1.

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27 June, 2011

Women's World Cup 2011: North Korea v US Preview

Far removed from the powerhouse days of Michelle Akers and Mia Hamm, the USWNT enters as one of the odds on favorites to win the Cup, along with Brazil and hosts Germany. North Korea has been getting steadily better as a team over the past 10 yrs with a draw against Holland earlier this year and numerous draws with Japan. Luckily, to enjoy this World Cup, you won't need to turn down the volume to avoid annoying vuvuzuelas.

Previously, these two teams have met 3 times in the group stages of World Cup competition. Despite running out 3-0 winners at the 1999 and 2003 World Cups, the USWNT drew North Korea 2-2 at the 2007 WWC in China.

There is some contention however. Statistically speaking, to meet up against the same team at each of 4 consecutive World Cups, in the group stages, is nearly impossible. Couple that with the fact that the US, for the first time ever failed to reach the CONCACAF qualifier finals by losing 2-1 to Mexico and thus the world #1 ranked team had to win the playoff home and away match with Italy

Women's World Cup 2011: France v Nigeria Highlights

Despite the scoreline, France easily dominated this match. With a single goal from France's Delie, France wins what should have been a much easier match for the French side.

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Women's World Cup 2011: Canada v Germany Highlights

It wasn't the opening match (that went to France v Nigeria), but the home side came out swinging. Despite being barely out-possessed (51 to 49%), Germany had the lion's share of shots 21 to 6 although the shots on goal belie the dominance Germany showed (9 SOG to 1 SOG). Either way, the hosts walk away victors 2-1.

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26 June, 2011

Gold Cup Final: Mexico v US Highlights

USA. Mexico. Rose Bowl. USA has a 13-1-1 record against Mexico in the US while Mexico has been on a scoring tear lately. By the 23' mark, the US is riding a comfortable 2-0 lead, time to sit back, even if they had to start Adu and Bedoya...

Then you remember Bob Bradley is coaching the US. And then the wheels come off. With 10 minutes left before the final whistle, you are wondering to yourself, "What happened to our back line? What happened to Howard in goal? How did we get to the point where we had Born'stain' playing and is it coincidence that we gave up all those goals after he came onto the pitch?" Then you cry yourself to sleep realizing that we have moved far past the days of a stud keeper and vaunted back line to that of overloaded midfield, crappy and slow backs and Freddy Adu looking good on the pitch again. You've entered, the Twilight Zone...

By the way, last goal was by Giovanni dos Santos... He's on the payroll for Tottenham yet hasn't played for them in nearly a year and a half being loaned out to Turkey because he was a drunkard and didn't practice after he moved to them from Barcelona. Guess the jokes on them, huh?

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